King William Art Walk

Celebrating Public Art in Downtown Hamilton

The King William Art Walk is a designated art trail that will animate, connect and enhance the spaces of King William Street in Downtown Hamilton. Its goals are to create opportunities to celebrate art through parnterships and strategic initiatives, and work with artists to help enhance the pedestrian experience.

Art Walk aims to contribute to downtown renewal and economic development and will aim to expand programming to connect downtown amenities and institutions to its mission.

Members of the Art Walk Committee - the City of Hamilton, the Downtown Hamilton BIA, the International Village BIA and the Hamilton Arts Council, as well as community representatives - will engage with and create opportunities for artists to participate in the spaces of downtown with quality public art projects, aiming to continue a dialogue with community members, businesses and artists about the importance of integrating culture into our streets and public spaces.



Art Walk Exhibited

The King William Art Walk is proud to present Art Walk Exhibited, a temporary public art installation of visual arts banners on King William Street in Downtown Hamilton. This project celebrates the creative vibrancy of the King William Art Walk with visual imagery representing the diverse works of Hamilton artists.

The seventeen banners lining King William Street between James Street North and Ferguson Avenue feature stunning imagery by Gary Barwin, Laura Bromwich, Amanda Immurs, Deb Mack, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Tina Newlove, Clarence Porter, Stephen Séguin, John Steinberg and Steven Twigg. Together, these artists offer works and ideas that are personal, often playful and highly evocative of Hamilton as a place of inspiration.

This installation will be on display begining September 1, 2013 for an indefinite period extending into 2015.

Download a PDF Guide to Art Walk Exhibited.

The Road Sign Project

The Road Sign Project is an outdoor art project presented by Centre3 for Print and Media Arts in partnership with Atelier Imago in Moncton, NB. Signs by sixteen artists, posted in various Hamilton locations (and in Centre3′s storefront gallery), offer directions on matters such as contemporary art, science, psychology, politics, romance, and the pathos of post-industrial urban existence. Viewers are invited to join the artists for a guided tour and picnic, participate in a t-shirt contest, and contribute observations on the signs and the signified for an upcoming publication.

On view until October 19, 2013. Visit Centre3 for more information.