Summer Wrap-up
Stephen Near

Seven weeks ago, as I walked into the HAC office for the first time, I honestly had no idea what to expect of my summer position. What exactly was I walking into?

To put it simply I was walking into a summer job. To be honest I was walking into a lot more. This has been more than a job for me. It has been such a great learning experience in both realms of my life, professional and personal. The team here at HAC is so passionate about the arts because they are artists themselves. With Stephanie a visual artist ( and Stephen as a playwright (his play Dark Matter will be on stage at TA2 in May) they are both invested in the arts thriving in this city. There were many conversations about different arts events in the community.

I’ve had an amazing summer of learning and opportunity. I’ve gotten to work on many different projects & become immersed in the arts community. I’ve also gotten a proper geek-education.

I want to thank Stephen & Stephanie for being as amazing as they have been all summer. I knew from my first day that I would fit in well with the dynamics of the office and it has been a blast!

Signing off live from the Hamilton Arts Council office, your favourite summer student Casey.