Throwback Thursday - Arts Beat January 2018 - 3
Stephen Near


ArtsBeat Throwback Thursday

Poems by Margaret Saunders

January 1995

Passing Season

The summer sails
of Lake Huron have set

The lonely pier
has half-wandered
into shore

Refreshment stalls
have stopped yawning -
have shuttered themselves
against a cold wind

The beach echoes those gone
to hunch the city’s
winter madness

And shadowing the distance
circling gulls lament
the passing season

Margaret Saunders 1994



Grand Canyon
she takes out her camera
asks him to back up

Margaret Saunders 1994


Margaret Saunders (Scotland 1926 – Hamilton, Ontario 2005). Ms Saunders adopted Ontario in her twenties. She contributed to the development of haiku in the eighties by founding the quarterly WEE Giant and later the biannual Daybreak. She also published three collections of haiku, notably, A Flock of Blackbirds (1979) with Unfinished Monument Press.


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