• Creative Keyboards Short Story Contest 2011 Winners

    March 7, 2012 by Stephen Near

    Creative Keyboards Short Story Contest 2011 Winners Announced!
    On Sunday, March 4th at Homegrown Hamilton, the winners of the 2011 Creative Keyboards Short Story Contest were announced. Furthermore, this year’s contest marked the inaugural presentation of the Kerry Schooley Award. The Award was established to honor Kerry Schooley, who passed away in 2010, and his legacy as one of the city’s strongest literary arts advocates. The winners of this year’s contest are as follows along with comments from the Final Adjudicator Frances Ward:

    First Prize Winner (Recipient of the Kerry Schooley Award)

    Judy Millar (from Nanaimo) – Cracks
    “This story is about the effects of superstition on the impressionable mind of a child. Once a superstition seed has been planted, even when you become a rational adult, you never forget. An-other example of the disconnect between the parallel but separate lives of children and adults when it comes to processing life’s events…. all my favourite elements are at work here: great writing, dark humour and a beautiful surprise ending that totally confirms the poor seven-year-old main character’s worst nightmare!”

    Second Prize Winner

    Melodie Campbell (from Oakville) – Life Without George
    “A very well written story which includes all my favourite elements: smooth writing, dark humour and an ending that catches me off guard. Who hasn’t, at some point, had evil thoughts about a significant other? Thankfully not many of us act on them. But if I can be made to understand how and why they act and react as they do…and enjoy the ride…the writer is very skillful.”

    Third Prize Winner

    Tudor Robins (from Ottawa) – Mason and Dillon Go on Vacation
    “A real heart-breaker… when a story can affect me that deeply on an emotional level and the writing technique doesn’t distract me from going there, I know it is good.”