Guidance [Hamilton Artists Inc]

Guidance - Bogdan Luca, Nancy Anne McPhee and Trudy Perks

March 25 - May 13
Opening Reception: March 25, 2:00-5:00 pm

Nancy Anne McPhee – Cotton Factory Talks: April 29, 2:00 pm at the Cotton Factory (270 Sherman Ave N. Studio 236 in the Storehouse Building.)

What results when an art work can guide itself? No longer determined solely by the hand of the maker or the circumstances of creation, accidents and flaws inevitably shape the outcome of a work. Is it a collaborative process with chance? An exploration in potential? Bogdan Luca, Nancy Anne McPhee, and Trudy Perks each allow material process to guide and surprise them in the creation of their work. Luca’s mixed media paintings combine collage, abstraction and figurative representation into a liminal field that evokes the ambiguity and shifting identities of the subjects he portrays. At times, a comment on how societal contexts and mass media can effect a shifting sense of self, and the power relations at play. McPhee’s ink washes juxtapose satellites against the vastness of space. These large-scale drawings exemplify the willfulness of the materials used, ink running and collecting into chance constellations. Simultaneously, the viewer is asked to ponder the resulting sense of loneliness, and, at the same time, the mass surveillance evoked by these satelite images. Inspired by NASA re-entry parachutes, Perks’ subtle textural canvases evolve into soft structures evidencing mark making, the relational history of a body being moved, and the canvas’ response. As demonstrated by the works on display, when expertise can lead to a predictable outcome, a willingness to relinquish control can allow for the development of new approaches, pathways, ideas, and connections.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a critical essay written by Benjamin Prus.

Bogdan Luca is a Toronto based artist interested in the ecology of images that constantly shapes our consciousness and sense of reality. Bogdan uses painting, drawing, collage, and photographic techniques to create images that reflect a sense of contemporary disorientation in relation to an over abundance of visual information. He has shown his work in Canada, Romania, Germany and the US. Bogdan also teaches drawing and painting at OCAD University and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Nancy Anne McPhee is a textile installation artist originally from Alberta and now based in Hamilton, ON. McPhee has exhibited nationally and internationally and has received funding from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.  Recent exhibitions include the Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf (QC), SUPERCRAWL Hamilton (ON), and upcoming solo shows at Agnes Jamieson Gallery (ON) and Grenfell Campus Art Gallery (NL).

Trudy Perks is a painter from California living in Barrie, Ontario, making work about folds. She is interested in the emergence of patterns and soft structures with flexible geometries. Her BFA (2016) is from OCAD University and Hon.B.Sc.(2000) from the University of Toronto. She studied at Loughborough University’s School of Art & Design (2010) in East Midlands, UK, and has exhibited recently in Midland, Orillia and Toronto, Ontario, and in Florence, Italy.

Saturday, March 25, 2017 (All day) to Saturday, May 13, 2017 (All day)
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00
Hamilton Artists Inc, 155 James Street North, Hamilton, ON