LivingArts: MY VERY OWN TOP 5


My Dad loves lists.  He’s got a series of lists that break down his favourite things, like movies, books, and most importantly, his annual ‘top 100 songs of all time”.  I think I have like 5 songs in his top 100 - he’s my number one fan.

I love lists too.  We all love lists - that’s why buzzfeed is constantly introducing new list concepts:

- top 7 reasons why your cat peed on the coat rack
- top 9 cat fights (with actual cats, not women at a bar)
- top 6 cat-egories of dog-umentaries

…and so on.  It’s apparently just lists of cats.

Well, in the spirit of the “Age of Lists” and to pay tribute to my Dad, here are the TOP FIVE REASONS WHY YOU NEED MANAGEMENT.

5)  Self-sabotage prevention

If I had a dollar for every time that I indirectly sabotaged an event by skipping out on rehearsals or promotion, I would have at least $10.  Having a manager is basically like having a partner and you don’t want to let your partner down, so you don’t.

4)  Dealing with self-promotion fatigue

Most artists are in the business of self-promotion, whether they like it or not.  I feel like people don’t like people who talk about themselves all the time, so I try not to.  Turns out that’s a bad thing and sometimes my own Mother doesn’t know that I’ve got a show.  Having someone else to talk a big game about you is AMAZING.

3) Drug connections

Just kidding.

2) Turning good ideas into GREAT ideas

If you have a vision as an artist, it’s important to pursue that impulse and see it through.  I once had a vision that my solo project, YerYard, would be better as a duo (like Simon & Garfunkel).  With the help of some people who have their thumbs on the pulse of the music industry, we fleshed the idea out and it has really worked out.

1) Business sense

This is the most obvious reason why I needed management.  I actually have some business sense, but I’m relatively green in terms of the industry.  Working with people who KNOW what they are doing means I can focus on the artistic side.  Given that there is only so much time in the day, it’s important to spend that time working on your art.  Let somebody help you with the business side and pay them for their efforts.  It will pay you back dividends…

That’s my list - take it or leave it.

[Next month - Steve discusses his drug connections…]