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Ellen Davidson

When Ellen Davidson was a small Torontonian, her mother asked her what she wanted to be: the answer was a race car driver or a boss. Ellen never achieved the former, but her four-year-old self would certainly recognize her now as maybe a bit on the bossy side.

In early iterations, Ellen was a founding partner in Music Arts, a publicity and concert
promotion/production company where she not only helped engineer concerts on behalf of management companies but negotiated, promoted and produced concerts for her own company as well. Among those artists were Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, The Chieftains, Ry Cooder, Randy Newman, and Ray Charles.

As her family started to expand, Ellen moved into just as fascinating roles with the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and later, the broadcast industry. Her major responsibilities, as head of programming for the ROM, were to produce the complementary arts performances for the museum’s major exhibitions as well as handling all internal and external uses of its public spaces. She is most proud of saving the ROM’s theatre from its fate as the museum’s cafeteria, with significant help from Toronto’s theatre community. Currently, the theatre remains food-free.

Following the ROM, Ellen joined Astral Media as vice president, communications for its TV networks division. While there, she created the Harold Greenberg Fund, which consisted of an arms-length board tasked with the responsibility of distributing $1 million annually in interest-free loans and grants to the creators of original, feature-length Canadian movies. The fund continued until 2018, as part of Bell Media. Currently living in Hamilton, Ontario, Ellen has opened yet another communications company, EDpr, which has a number of corporate clients but is also helping to return her to her roots in music via club
shows and artist management.

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