LivingArts: The Art In All Of Us

I’ve seen a huge surge lately in adults seeking new arts experiences. Not just as spectators (although I’m also thrilled to see the professional arts scene hitting its stride in Hamilton!), but rather hands-on experiences for amateurs.

On Facebook, I’ve seen the evidence of countless friends trying their hand at a poetry reading, participating in a Paint Night or spending an evening decorating their own pottery. With a new baby in the house, I’ve been the benefactor of many beautiful home-made crafts from crocheted blankets and knit clothing to engraved wooden chests. Professionally, I’ve seen more and more adult learners joining the ranks at my strings school, taking on the challenge of learning to play a musical instrument. I think this is such a great trend on both a personal and a community level!

That so many people, young and old, are seeking the opportunity to express themselves creatively and undertaking new ventures bodes well for the growth of our city. It’s refreshing to see the arts being used as a social outlet for friends to meet up and share in an experience, or as a chance meet new people. As a small business operator, it’s heartening to see local artists connecting with their clientele on such a direct level, and it’s certain to boost appreciation for their professional art (anyone else end up with a dilapidated bowl that looks like it’s melting?). What a great impression it gives to the next generation about life-long learning: that it’s never too late to start a new activity and that it’s okay to pursue a creative passion simply because you love it and not because you have any real aspirations of being the next Lindsey Stirling or Yo-Yo Ma.

Art is meant to bridge a connection between the artist and the audience... how neat that they can be one and the same.